Letters to 60 Bute Street, Hong Kong (Work-in-Progress)

This project is based on a series of letters written from various parts of New York in the 60s, sent to a singular location, Ground floor of 60 Bute Street Mongkok, then British-Hong Kong, presumably a (now-defunct) Chinese medical hall or Chinese medicine practitioner. These letters were mostly of a professional and business nature, asking for delivery statuses and orders of adaptogenic herbs, along personal requests for a remedy of a specific ailment.

Scanned documents of Letters to 60 Bute Street

Re: The 6 Letters, a summary in English from the Cantonese

60 Bute Street.png
60 Bute Street, Mongkok today according to Google Street View

Letters to 60 Bute Street is interested in responding to these letters by means of an updated prescription, an imagined traditional remedy, and other similar cultural objects pertaining to health and wellness to interrogate the notions of trust and cultural familiarity when it comes to healing.

Letters to 60 Bute St