Joey Chin (1986) is an artist and a Pushcart-nominated writer and poet. She is the 2018 Royal Over-seas League Visual Art Scholar and artist-in-residence at The Art House, Wakefield.

Her work is located at the intersection of text, narrative and visual art, staged through poetry, acts and modes of reading, and various disruptions. The key focus in her works is the development of personal communications between the self, markings of territoriality, and the inner conversations between the two.

Joey holds an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the City University of Hong Kong, and her work has received scholarships, grants, and awards from numerous organisations including the Royal Over-seas League Arts (London, United Kingdom), the Dorothy Cheung Foundation, the National Arts Council (Singapore), the Run Run Shaw Library (Hong Kong), and the American Anthropological Association.

e-mail: joeychinlmATgmailDOTcom



1st Nov to 21st Dec 2018: Exhibition In Residence at The Art House, Wakefield

25th Oct 2018: Interview at Sweet Lit Journal

12th-14th Oct 2018: Exhibition Acts of Reading and Giving (Away), selected works at The Manchester Contemporary

20th Aug 2018: Guest contributor for essay You Are Cow. I Am Tiger on Entropy Mag