Another Tongue

Another Tongue: The Impact Bilingualism on Creative Writing (English and Chinese)

A large part of my writing is developed from the history and evolution of the Chinese script. My cross-disciplinary research is in imagining the Chinese script in its origins, ideograms, pictographs, placement of radicals within a square, and interpreting it into the contemporary English lyric. It looks to the sustainability and negotiation of language use in creative writing.

This talk was part of The Asian Conference on the Arts, Humanities and Sustainability in Fukuoka, Japan.  This cross-disciplinary presentation examines the formula and development of a poetic form which gives rise to my poems based on a specific Chinese character.

This presentation was funded by a grant from the National Arts Council, and organised by INTESDA, a diverse community of educators, academics and nonprofit professionals that supports the Sustainable Development Global Goals set by the United Nations.

Conference proceedings are available by request.