I am currently a teaching artist with Art+ 798, Beijing where I create and teach programmes which merge literary and visual arts through videos and live streaming. The classes include pop-up book making, relief painting cards, erasure poetry and book binding.




This workshop looks at the origins of self-publishing and the ways musicians, artists, feminists and writers have used the limitations of then-existing resources to make their voices heard through the humble photocopier, and the zines of today. Students will learn to develop content for a 16-page zine from an A3 sheet.


Books that Bind

In this workshop, students explore the anatomy of a book, from its leaves, leaves’ weight and type to its spine. They bring along their self-penned poems or collected works of others to bind using the 5-hole pamphlet stitch method. They also learn about artist’s books, the book as an object and non-sew book binding methods of the origami and accordion book spine.

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Haiku Writing and Surrealism

The objective of this workshop is to encourage students to suspend themselves and the inner voices of practicality and reality. We went through haikus that aim to capture a specific moment, and participants learned to focus on their dreams and ideas. Condensing them into a haiku format, they interpreted the poem into an art piece through the characteristics of surrealism: juxtaposition, the Unconscious, Surprise and transparency.