Be On Your Way (Work in Progress)

Walking is prevalent in art, literature, and our daily lives. Hansel and Gretel marked their trail with breadcrumbs to find their way home. A father walks his daughter down the isle. We make an unintentional pathway by cutting through the grass patch for a shortcut. Marina Abramovic and Ulay walked the length of the Great Wall to mark the end of their relationship.

When a person dies, the term 一路好走, literally “walk the good road” can mean have a safe journey on your way out of this life to the next. On the day of the funeral, family members are behind the hearse in walking meditation. It is a ritualistic walk to send the dead off for a short distance, before getting on a chartered bus to the crematorium.

My grandmother passed away when I was artist-in-residence in Greece. This project recreates the ritual I didn’t undertake, marking specific spots in her estate with lines and stanzas from Grandmother’s Vocabulary, starting from her estate to the monastery.